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Our fees vary from project to project, so it is important that you let us know what you need in order to give you an accurate quote.[contact_form]

Not sure what to write? Here is a list of things you may want to include.

This is a list of ideas to get the project started, so feel free to be as brief as you like. We will explore everything in more detail during the initial interview.

  • Type of Project: Web Site, Logo, Marketing research, Consulting, etc.
  • Purpose/Goals: Advertise, Inform, E-Commerce, Customer Support, etc.
  • Web Site URL: If it is a redesign of an existing site, this will be very useful.
  • Major Topics: Keywords and what information will the project contain.
  • Features: If this is a web site, what features are you interested in.
  • Target Market: Brief description of the market to be analyzed.
  • Reference Other Projects: Examples of similar projects (URLs), and how they relate.
  • Approximate Timeline: Specific day or week number.

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