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Our fees vary from project to project, so it is important that you let us know what you need in order to give you an accurate quote.

Not sure what to write? Here is a list of things you may want to include.

This is a list of ideas to get the project started, so feel free to be as brief as you like. We will explore everything in more detail during the initial interview.

  • Type of Project: Web Site, Logo, Marketing research, Consulting, etc.
  • Purpose/Goals: Advertise, Inform, E-Commerce, Customer Support, etc.
  • Web Site URL: If it is a redesign of an existing site, this will be very useful.
  • Major Topics: Keywords and what information will the project contain.
  • Features: If this is a web site, what features are you interested in.
  • Target Market: Brief description of the market to be analyzed.
  • Reference Other Projects: Examples of similar projects (URLs), and how they relate.
  • Approximate Timeline: Specific day or week number.


Let us know how we can help you